Beautifully British; the wardrobe

When I think of British fashion, I immediatley imagine a rock and roll scene full of grunge and black leather. The boys in tight, ill-fitting t-shirts and jeans, and the girls bare legged and bushy haired. The Clash is playing loud and the Marlboro Lights are in hand. All very heroin chic.

As much as I adore the music, leather jackets, unruly hair and charcoal eyes, I cant help but think of better ways of being 'beautifully British'. For me, someone who can ooze sophistication and elegance yet still incorporate an individual edge is truly classic and fashionable. I admire gutsy girls who will throw on anything and strut down the street without a care in the world, but I also hold great admiration for those who adopt a style and alter it. It takes a trained eye and mind to know your body and face and to be able to put looks together which will accentuate your strengths. Some people can do this by sticking to staple pieces and adding other features. In my opinion, core and classic wardrobe staples are items such as; a Burberry trench,a Chanel 2.55 bag, riding boots, LBD, YSL Tribute heels, cape, tux, crisp white shirt and peg trousers. If a girl has these items in her wardrobe she can feel great in the knowlege she'l be eternally fashionable!

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