Identity Crisis...

"I wear my own kind of hat, but in doing so I am displaying my style to all of you, and in this I am responding to your self- display, even as you will respond to mine. The space of fashion is one in which we sustain a language together of signs and meanings, which is constantly changing, but which at any moment is the background needed to give our gestures the sense they have. If my hat can ex­press my particular kind of cocky yet understated self- display, this is because of how the common language of style has evolved between us up to this point. My gesture can change it, and then your responding stylis­tic move will take its meaning from the new contour the language takes on. "
This is taken from an essay titled "Fashion and Identity" by Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. I strongly recommend you read it! It is an issue which always plays on my mind whether im under deadline churning out ideas, or simply flicking through a gossip mag filled with cold, over-styled, un-inspiring, robots hailed as our 'role models'. One carbon copy after another. Even social 'sub cultures' of today can hardly claim to be 'individual' purely because of the mass of fad trends and the disposal of the true meaning of the message you are expressing. As fashion is filtered through the industry why does the art fade?

We spend so much time and effort trying to label and identify due to fear of the unknown, yet the true essense and meaning of ones 'identity' seems to be a concept misplaced long ago, along with innovation and underwear...

media = the kill?

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