British bits and bobs

Check out some of the British inspired stuff I found in my bedroom! As I hung up my beloved Fred Perry tennis jumper (a vintage find) ready to put on the following day, I noticed all the British themed objects I have scattered around the flat, then I made my gorgous friend Saadia throw some of my clothes on and let me snap away!

My Fred Perry jumper, Beatles poster and clock!

Our rather British doormat and collection of brogues. These shoes do wonders for an outfit, perfect for jazzing up a plain ensemble.

Trying to throw together some British inspired looks. The bottom picture shows Saadia's gorge Vivienne Westwood houndstooth scarf.

This is a beautiful tweed jacket, the cut is really flattering and the gold buttons give it a vintage feel, paired with my Chanel 2.55 bag. Yes I know the bag isn't British but I think it goes perfectly with the look of the jacket!

I found this orange duffle coat buried deep in a sale, it is buy Annie Greenabelle and was an absolute bargain. I love the vibrant colour and tartan lining.

This is an old Topshop jacket I find myself throwing on every few months. Its got a gorgous shape and bow detail, the shoulders are very sharp and very 'now'.

My silver Vivienne Westwood necklace which I adore!

And Finally, Julie is in my class at uni and when I seen her stroll in wearing this outfit I had to beg for her to let me take her picture. This is a tweed Zara blazer (I adore the elbow patches) teamed with black skinnies and amazing brown biker boots, very country chic.

I will be sure to get pictures of all British themed or inspired outfits, objects or generally anything I see!

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